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Playing Zelda blind

Posted by phourigan on April 22, 2010

At the PLP conference yesterday, Will Richardson showed us a video of a blind boy who wanted to finish Ocarina of Time. He solicited help through Skype and YouTube and found a couple other players who spent two years putting a script together so he could complete the game.

I showed the first half of the video to my 7th grade advisory, which shows only a sighted player putting on a blindfold and showing how he has developed the skill of playing blind, and asked them for their impressions of the boy. Their answers ranged from “huge nerd” to “he just wants to be famous”.

We watched the rest of the video, saw that the sighted boy was helping out this blind gamer, and I asked my boys for their new impressions of the sighted boy. They obviously had all changed their minds.

For homework (my first ever advisory homework assignment), I tasked them with using the internet to teach themselves a new skill that they will show off on Monday and through next week. I’m curious to see what they come up with.


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