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Retreat lunch break

Posted by phourigan on May 3, 2010

So far so good at the ADVIS retreat.  Alan November has some really interesting ideas which I’m eager to get going with back at school.

Some of my personal favorites:

Shared Google Maps for presenting country or place research.

Google Docs for collaborative note-taking – assign roles to members of the class.  For example, break notes out into People, Places and Events in a history lecture.  Share the notes out at the end of the class and make sure they’re perfect.  Everyone gets the best possible notes.

Google Custom Search – for teachers who grumble about their students citing Google as a resource.  Perfect for librarians and others who teach research skills.  Can’t wait to implement this one at school!

Inverted classroom – students should do their classwork at home (view/hear a lecture, read, compose questions) and homework at school (solve problems, get immediate feedback).


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