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Retreat tomorrow

Posted by phourigan on May 3, 2010

I’m gearing up for what looks to be an interesting ADVIS retreat: “From Smart Toilets to Smart Schools”.  Alan November is the centerpiece, and his stuff is pretty cool.

As excited as I was after last week’s Apple workshop, I think this one is going to be even more energizing.  I’m convinced that the approach to learning that I’ve been writing about is the right way to go.  As much as I consider myself a non-creative person, it’s clearly creativity that will drive the future (and perhaps has always been the driving force behind great ideas – I’m just reluctant to give it credit).

Good old fashioned grit and determination are all well and good, but only if you want to work in the same trenches as thirty years ago.  Tomorrow’s leaders will be in their positions because they came up with something new.

I’ll be Tweeting all day from the retreat (@scriddley).  Move along, there’s no pun to be made there.


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